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Production on uilleann pipe sets has been placed on hiatus until further notice. For inquiries about reed making and maintenance please contact us via email at



Current Prices (March 2020):


Options for Wooden Components and Decorative Trim: 


Available are three types of wood species for pipes, and several options for decorative trim.


Chanters are turned from bubinga, katalox, or Yucatan rosewood.


Bubinga is native to Africa and is sometimes referred to as "African rosewood". Bubinga typically varies in color from a reddish-brown to a deep oxblood color, often with a subtle figuring present. Bubinga is warm, mellow, and full in sound. It is also a highly resonant wood, making it ideal to highlight the natural characteristics of concert pitch uilleann pipes. Bubinga ages beautifully with the patina of brass and accents aesthetic turnings in a truly remarkable way.  


Yucatan rosewood is a brownish, russet-colored wood. Chanters made from Yucatan rosewood have a bright tone. A softer wood than katalox, Yucatan rosewood has a somewhat open, porous grain and a rich appearance when finished.    


Katalox is very dark purplish/burgundy, almost as dark as African ebony when finished. It is a hard, heavy and dense with tight grain structure. Chanters made from katalox have a strong, smooth, concentrated tone similar to cocobolo or African ebony.   


Trim for sets is available in imitation ivory (white), imitation boxwood, or imitation ebony (black). Hand-turned boxwood is available upon request.


Brass keys available are C natural, F natural, B flat, and G sharp and can be retrofitted to chanters anytime after the chanter is completed.  


Deposit, Payment & Shipping: 

A 10% deposit is required to get your order on the books. The deposit can be made via PayPal (, personal check (USA/Canada), money order, or bank-to-bank wire transfer. 

The balance & shipping costs are due at the time of delivery. 

Shipping via the US Postal Service Priority & Express mail. Orders valued over $5000 are shipped UPS. Inside the USA you can expect to pay about $15-$20 for 2-Day shipping, and about $40 for overnight shipping.  You are welcome to select a different shipping company of your choice if you have a particular preference, or have a shipping account with them that you would like to use.