Current Prices (April 2019):


Practice Set (bag, bellows, chanter): $1550 * Ready to ship in 3 weeks *

Keyless chanter: $1050 * Currently available *

Brass keys: $125 each (C natural, F natural, B flat, G sharp)

Drones: $2300 * Available Fall 2019*

Tenor and baritone regulators (together): $2300 * Available Q1 2020 *

Bass regulator: $1500 * Available Q1 2020 *


Options for Wooden Components and Decorative Trim: 


We offer two types of wood species for pipes and two options for decorative trim.


Pipes are turned from Yucatan rosewood or katalox. 


Yucatan rosewood is a brownish, russet-colored wood. Chanters made from Yucatan rosewood have a bright, resonant tone with a warm, mellow feel. A softer wood than katalox, Yucatan rosewood has a somewhat open, porous grain and a rich appearance when finished.    


Katalox is very dark purplish/burgundy, almost as dark as African ebony when finished. It is a hard, heavy and dense with tight grain structure. Chanters made from katalox have a strong, smooth, concentrated tone similar to cocobolo or African ebony.   


Trim for sets is available in imitation ivory (white), imitation boxwood, or imitation ebony (black). 


Brass keys available are C natural, F natural, B flat, and G sharp and can be retrofitted to chanters anytime after the chanter is completed.  


Deposit, Payment & Shipping: 

We require a 10% deposit to get your order on the books. The deposit can be made via PayPal (, personal check (USA/Canada), money order, or bank-to-bank wire transfer. 

The balance & shipping costs are due at the time of delivery. 

We ship via the US Postal Service Priority & Express mail. Orders valued over $5000 are shipped UPS. Inside the USA you can expect to pay about $15-$20 for 2-Day shipping, and about $40 for overnight shipping.  You are welcome to select a different shipping company of your choice if you have a particular preference, or have a shipping account with them that you would like to use.